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Our offered longer serving Siemens Controllers, Siemens Beide Motors, Siemens Servo Motors, Siemens DC Converters, etc. are ruling the markets.

About Us
In this world of cut-throat competition, every businesses is looking for ways to increase their profits. But, we, Hong Kong Jawee Technology Co., Limited, work with the motive of enhancing profits by offering our customers the best-in-class machines including Siemens Servo Motors, Siemens Controllers, Siemens DC Converters, Siemens Beide Motors, etc. We are engaged in the market as a notable manufacturer, exporter, importer, supplier, and distributor. As a result, we understand our business role and work hard to maintain our legacy while adhering to international standards.

By providing our customers with products of matchless quality, we ensure that they receive complete value for their invested money. And, for the same reason, our proficient professionals at the company source our offerings from reputed brands in the industry. Moreover, by importing a large percentage of our offerings from different parts of the world, we bring forth a range that combines the state-of-the-art technology of different countries.

Our Warehouse

Known for our advanced solutions worldwide, we have to keep up with our market reputation that puts us at par with the industry biggies. Hence, we have invested in a spacious warehouse that guarantees us safe storage of our products in a healthy and hygienic environment.


Quality being our primary objective, we have employed a few quality analysts who strive day and night to maintain the quality standards of our company. In order to ensure that the products we offer exceed our customers' expectations, they keep a tab over each and every task,
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